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On this page, you can listen to her works by age.

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Macssy’s Blog

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Macssy in New York,2017.

This is Macssy’s blog !


心がけて生きる Macssy の




This is Macssy’s blog!

There is her diary about sustinable and healty lifestyle.

And about her music works,yoga,vegan foods cooking

and handmade something!

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福岡出身の Macssy (マクシー)は、R&Bを軸に

歌/ラップ/踊り/作詞作曲/DTM そしてギターを弾くマルチプレーヤー。


Originally from Fukuoka, Macssy focuses on R & B.

It is a multiplayer that plays songs / rap / dance / lyric composition / DTM and guitar.

Macssy ’s profile

《English is below》

1995 歌に目覚める。小学生でBandを結成。

弱冠12歳にしてLive house 出演/3年半活動。その後Gospelと出会い、African american cultureに傾倒する。




2001 福岡親不孝通りを拠点に、Mesmerizeらと共に精力的に音楽活動を行う。

’05 メジャーデビューへの声がかかり上京するも、商業音楽ベースのプロジェクトは、魂の音楽ではないと判断し半年後に辞退。


その後、Female hiphop crew ”DERELLA”を結成。 DJ&Track makerのYOKOと野性的なRapperのMiho, 歌とRapを操るMacssyによる日本初・女性のみのHip-hop crewであった。

DERELLAは、’10 1st Album 〈SHE’LL〉(シェル)を発表。東京 Underground Hip-hop sceneを中心に人気を博した。


なかでも特にTwiGyとは親交が深く、TwiGy率いる”VEGAN GANG”の主要Band memberとしてHook upされる。

初期のBand memberはmabanua,Kan Sanoなど現在も日本音楽シーンを牽引する精鋭のアーティストたち。Macssyは現在もVEGAN GANGの活動も続けている。


2020年 Macssyとしてソロ活動を開始した。


1995 Awaken to singing.

Formed Band in elementary school age.Appeared as at live house at the age of 12 and has been active for three and a half years.

After that, her met Gospel and became interested in African american culture.

She fell in love with African american’s music. She wonder that…

"Why can they sing such a soul-shaking song? "

And then,She became a semi-professional high school student at Choir started working on her original music.

2001 Based in Fukuoka Oyafuko-street, she actively engages in music activities with Mesmerize and brotherhoods.

Although she moved to Tokyo due to her voice calling for her major debut in ’05,

she decided that a project based on commercial music was not soul music and declined half a year later.

That time,It was a good opportunity to find at what the heartfelt music for her.

After that, formed a female hip-hop crew “DERELLA”.

It was the first female hip-hop crew in Japan by DJ & Track maker YOKO, wild rapper Miho, and Macssy who controls singing and Rapping.

DERELLA announced ’10 1st Album (shell).

It gained popularity mainly in the Tokyo underground hip-hop scene.

She collaborated with many artists becouse of Macssy is highly acclaimed for her silky singing voice, her absolute stance to singing And her unique rhyme and flow. (☞WORKS)

Above all, she is close to TwiGy and is hooked up as a band member of “VEGAN GANG” led by TwiGy.

Early band members were great artists such as mabanua and Kan Sano who are still leading the Japanese music scene.

Macssy is still active in VEGAN GANG.

At the end of last year, she left DERELLA due to a disagreement in the direction of music.

In 2020, started solo activity as Macssy.

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